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Building your business online seems like a daunting task to do yourself. It takes times and resources to perfect the techniques involved including content marketing and search engine optimization. While there are many SEO companies that promise to help build your online presence, few can deliver. Here at Amrut Services, we seek to build a long-term relationship to help slowly and effectively build your presence online. We have many methods to properly utilize search engine optimization and content marketing which involve on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO. The methods we use and suggest to our clients are search engine friendly, guaranteeing that you’ll get better and much more lasting results. We offer our services to anyone who wants to establish or strengthen their web presence and market their services and products online.

Content Marketiing and SEO system has a great role for the online business. Hiring these services is very essential for every reputed company. We, at Amrut Services, follow specific process for Marketing Content and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) which involves on-page and off-page optimization. We always follow and recommend techniques which are search engines friendly to get better and long lasting results. Our services can be used by anyone who wants to establish their web presence or sell products/services online.

This is what our clients say about our services

Here is the video testimonial from Bradley Benner. He prefers to call me Dedhia.

Bradley Benner

Co-Founder, Semantic Mastery - United States

Video testimonial by Brian Kato owner of Fusion Vine, Denver CO.
Brian Kato

Owner, Fusion Vine - United States

Mehul Dedhia has worked on 2 of my sites for over a year, and He has almost single handed taken Healthy4LifeOnline from a DA12 to a DA43. He really knows his stuff. On top, he’s a great guy and easy to work with. By far, one of the best SEO people I have ever worked with.
Dwayne Kula

Founder, MyLedLightingGuide and Healthy4LifeOnline - United States

We’ve been working with Mehul Dedhia for a couple years now. He came highly recommended from the Semantic Mastery Team and he has provided extreme value for our company, S&S Pro Services. He not only is master of building back links, but he is also a super nice person. All of our projects with Dedhia and his team have shown positive movement in rankings, many times pushing them to the top of the SERPs. He is honorable and fair, going above and beyond to help our properties show up everywhere. I would highly recommend Mehul Dedhia as the source for all your back linking needs.

Lori Smith

President, S&S Pro Services - United States

I feel fortunate to have met Mehul Dedhia over a year ago and asked him for some help with my website. I was looking to rank for many keywords a lot of which were difficult and had a lot of competition around them. Using his techniques he was able to help me not only rank for the keywords I wanted but many more as well!
In turn my traffic and sales went through the roof and I owe a lot of this to his hard work and consistency working on my site. I continue to use him to help others as well! You will not go wrong hiring Dedhia for all of your SEO requests.
Joanna Bostwick

Founder, 24Days2Skinny - United States

Mehul Dedhia is a fricken machine. I’ve been working with him for the past 3 years and there are few people out there that know their craft like Mehul Dedhia. We’ve managed projects including several hundreds of thousands of dollars of investments, as well as hundreds of satisfied clients with him. I cannot endorse him enough.
Hernan Vazquez

Co-Founder, Semantic Mastery - United States

Mehul Dedhia is an SEO Ninja and a master with SEO tools. He is not only very knowledgeable but he is willing to share his strategies and help you gain a competitive advantage. He provides great service and is one of my secret weapons.
Don Franklin

Founder, Summit Marketing - United States

I first met Mehul Dedhia in a private SEO forum in 2013. It was a small group of like-minded individuals who shared openly what we were working on and what kind of results we were getting.  MD quickly established himself as one of pillars of the group, absorbing everything and sharing variations he came up with. Like many “groups”, the forum itself has grown quiet but I kept in touch with MD because I knew he knew what he was doing. I have since come to him several times to have him do some work for me, and he has always not only over delivered, but has also been extrememly friendly and generous with his time and knowledge.  I consider MD to be a tremendous business asset as well as a friend.
Kendrick Mayer

Owner, Kickin Marketing United States

Content Marketing 

Though SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand, they are not the same thing like many think. SEO is used to directly help your ranking, while content marketing is creating content that entices people to buy your product or service. Our content marketing methods help companies build their blogs, videos, and other content to ensure that it’s relevant and informative. Relevant content attracts more people and entices them to stay longer, increasing the likelihood that they’ll buy what you’re offering. We help you create content that engages your audience so that you can build a reputable, trusting relationship. Content marketing is one of the best ways of growing your business. 

Ways to Utilize Content Marketing
The way we utilize our content marketing strategies include creating content that is interesting so that Google can rank it accordingly, making sure your content is directed to a defined audience, determining how you can repurpose content to reach a wider audience (this can include making an article into an infographic for those who take things in by visuals), ensuring your content is distributed and promoted in the right way, and helping you set specific goals to meet.

We don’t try to over-complicate your content marketing like many other companies do. Our team works with you to determine the best techniques to use and the best ones to reach your business goals.

Content Marketing

Bruce Lee’s golden words:
“You put water into a cup it becomes the cup.
You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle.
You put water into a teapot it becomes the teapot.”

Content is like water. For any sort of marketing, content has always been the most crucial part. If its unique, liked by intended audience and well crafted then the results are going to be much better. Our SEO experts very well know the power of good content. A blog is a great marketting tool to promote content.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO as many people refer to it, is a combination of techniques and strategies that you implement when publishing or marketing material online so that search engines can rank them higher. Search engines determine the relevance of websites through complicated algorithms. While you can figure out some parts of the algorithm yourself, perfecting the art of SEO takes many years of experience which we here at Amrut Services have. Our process for helping our clients with their search engine optimization needs include staying up to date on what search engines are looking for, adjusting, viral marketing, brand marketing, link building, site structure, on-page optimization, keyword research, and market research. Perfecting your marketing strategy to see results could take years. At Amrut Services, we build a relationship with you while cutting down the time it takes to see results.

Our On-Page SEO Service

On-page SEO is a part of the search engine optimization process and involves anything that has to do directly with your business’s website. It’s the most critical part of the SEO process. When done correctly, it can result in getting more traffic to your website through a higher search engine ranking. The on-page SEO that we help our clients with includes everything from the title tag of the page and other properties of HTML to the URL of the site to the content of the site’s pages and keyword use.

Various on-site factors are involved while doing on-page optimization. We have got some really good advanced techniques which would add more value to your website in terms of relevancy and authority. Go here to know more about on-page SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Off-Page SEO Service

Off-page SEO is also extremely important to establishing credibility with Google. This type of search engine optimization includes content that is not directly a part of your business’s website. We help our clients utilize off-page SEO through link building, social bookmarking, and social media marketing. It’s an important tool to increase your business presence on the internet as it helps to legitimize your business for search engine algorithms. It also increases your ranking on search engines, meaning your website will get more traffic. At Amrut Services, we work with a variety of techniques that utilize off-page SEO to help your business get the recognition it deserves.

We implement advanced techniques which provide more relevancy and authority to a website. Visit this page to see list of link building  services that we offer.

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