Before we discuss the various off-page search engine optimization strategies, it is important to understand what it means exactly. Off-page search engine optimization is basically a method of attracting more visitors to a particular site by making sure that the site is prominently shown by search engine results; the method includes everything you implement away from your website to elevate the profile of your website. While on-page SEO is done on the site itself, off-page SEO is done away from the site. For instance, writing a guest post for other site is a way of doing off-page site promotion.

Link Building and Off Page SEOSo, what are some of the off-page SEO strategies you can implement? Have a look below;

  • Submit your blogs to blog directories

By submitting your blogs to blog directories, you will increase your chances of obtaining and building effective back links. When opting for a directory, it is imperative that you only opt for a listing that is relevant to the service you provide. While doing this, you shouldn´t expect wonderful results overnight. On the bright side, the results will be more distinct in the long run.

  • Engage in social media platforms

These days, if you want your site to be renowned, it is of paramount importance for you to have a strong online presence. By interacting with people on various social media platforms, you will be promoting your site, which, in turn, will only aid in the expansion of your site or business. Doing this can also aid in the increase of back links you acquire. Therefore, engaging in social media platforms is a powerful off-page SEO strategy. If your site is regarded as one of the best in its category, it gets easier to optimize it. Having people talk good about your site both online and offline is the key here.

  • Submit your content to submission directory

When submitting your content to a submission directory, you should ensure that the content you provide is distinct and of the highest quality. If you submit a poorly written article that lacks substance and is only filled with an abundance of keywords, chances of the article being rejected are high. Before submission, you must also make sure that you provide the content with a relevant title that belongs to a particular, specific bracket.

  • Use social bookmarking sites

One of the easiest ways you can increase visitors to your site is by making effective use of social bookmarking sites.  You will do your site a huge favor if you bookmark it on commercial and marketable social bookmarking websites.

  • Submit the videos to popular submission sites

Submitting your videos to popular video submission sites is almost a guaranteed way of obtaining effective back links; that´s largely because submission websites that deal with videos usually boast of high PR. When submitting your videos, it is imperative that you provide the video with relevant title, tags, description and reference links.

  • Become active in forums and the online community

You must become active in forums and the online community in general if you intend to make your site renowned. When interacting with the people online, it is essential for you to only participate in forums relevant to the services, content, and product your business or site offers. Therefore, if you intend to build credibility, you must provide solutions to people´s queries and give them direction and advice.  If you are genuine and proactive, your actions will speak volumes about the content, product, service you provide.

  • Submit your images to commercial submission sites

You can also acquire quality back links if you submit your images to commercial submission sites. When submitting your images, it is imperative that you provide the pictures with relevant title, tags, description and reference links. You will also do your site a big favor if you optimize the images by providing them with short keyword influenced URL.

  • Focusing on content

Content will always be king here, but content is not only limited to ¨text, videos, and images,¨ published and shared through numerous social media platforms. It could mean a wide variety of things including the tag lines of the site to the logo, to the blog text, signage etc. Content means the entire viewing experience of the searcher.

  • Submit your infographics to commercial submission sites

Another way of getting quality back links is through the submission of infographics to relevant submission sites. Visit any popular site; you will see that the content there consists of infographics. What is it about infographics that make it so popular? Well, it is simply pleasing to the eyes and it provides one with a summary of the entire content.

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